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Our team has many origin stories.  Embedded in all of our differences are three common themes. 

  • The first theme is a decades-long dedication to implementing measures to protect the planet for future generations.  The second theme is that we are the family of veterans who served in the U.S. Army. The third theme is our interest in developing new and better ways to get the job done which has resulted in innovative and successful outcomes.  These three themes weave in and out of our biographies and came together in the organization of NIKKEI Environmental LLC.
  • We are a Team of “firsts”.  Our members obtained authorization for the first green construction project for the State of California, developed the first high tech law enforcement program in the nation to control internet-based crime, and implemented the Vapor Recovery Program in California.
  • We have put together a team that wants to do things better, more cost-effective, and on-time. Our team has experience on small and large environmental projects, and we are using that experience to figure out ways to do the job smarter.