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NIKKEI Environmental LLC recognizes that the Munitions Response industry can have a significant impact on the environment. NIKKEI is committed to conducting its activities in an environmentally responsible manner. NIKKEI’s goal is to meet environmental protection standards expected by the community at large and by government, and to strive to exceed those standards.

  • Develop and maintain a corporate culture of environmental stewardship;
  • Develop and maintain an Environmental Management program;
  • Conduct Environmental Risk Assessments and prepare project-specific environmental control plans as required;
  • Commit to training and educating staff and promote a culture of minimizing environmental impact;
  • Meet environmental requirements defined by statute, regulation, government directives, standards, best practices and other applicable environmental standards.
  • Ensure that planning and operational decision-making at NIKKEI gives great consideration to how our actions impact the environment and wildlife habitats and how we can manage and actively mitigate environmental and wildlife impacts;
  • Integrate environmental protection into our business by planning activities to avoid or mitigate adverse environmental impacts;
  • Ensure that subcontractors and their employees understand and adhere to NIKKEI’s environmental policy and procedures;
  • Conserve resource use by efficient use of energy, by reductions of emissions and discharges, by eliminating unnecessary waste and by recycling where practical;
  • Promote employee programs that reduce business impacts on the environment;
  • Ensure that response to any environmental incidents associated with NIKKEI operations is quick and effective; and
  • Work towards continual improvement of our environmental performance and environmental management systems.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

This policy applies to all NIKKEI operations and on all NIKKEI worksites.

Priscilla Ouchida, President/CEO

October 29, 2019