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For a copy of a Capability Statement for Nikkei Environmental LLC, please CLICK HERE.

Core Compentencies

Nikkei Environmental LLC is an emerging small business that has core competencies in the following areas:

  • Environmental assessment, monitoring, testing, and reports
  • MMRP report review, project logistics, and UXO technicians
  • Identification, assessment, and monitoring of native, endangered and threatened species
  • Environmental consulting on Clean Air Act, CEQA, NEPA, CERCLA, TSCA, RCRA and California regulations
  • Community outreach including facilitator services

Specialty Products

  • Reports prepared and reviewed by a published senior engineer who is a former manager with the California Environmental Protection Agency, faculty with the Civil Engineering Department at California State University Sacramento, and U.S. EPA instructor
  • Services relating to native, threatened and endangered animal and plant species provided by former California Department of Fish and Wildlife expert
  • Ambient air sampling and analysis, industrial stack sampling and analysis, and environmental sampling quality control/quality assurance
  • Political/regulatory advocacy with federal, state, and local agencies, the military, and foreign agencies
  • Educational and outreach projects including instructional workshops and training, organization of public meetings and conferences, and community outreach utilizing local NGOs, large-scale mail programs, door-to-door canvassing, and public events
  • Skilled bilingual staff with language and cultural proficiency


Nikkei Environmental LLC is staffed by a two-tiered team that includes a master contingency with decades of environmental experience and emerging talent that is being trained to be tomorrow’s leaders in the industry.  The “Master Team” brings the following experience:

  • Over 30 years experience implementing California Environmental Quality Act, Clean Air Act, and National Environmental Policy Act with the California Environmental Protection Agency
  • Air monitoring and testing projects including munitions disposal emissions monitoring, air emissions source testing programs, and toxic emissions sampling and monitoring programs
  • Site inspections encompassing full-scale facility inspections of petroleum oil refineries, petroleum oil field operations, hazardous waste disposal facilities, jet engine test facilities, and water treatment plants
  • Over 30 years experience involved in the implementation of wildlife and environmental regulations
  • Preparation and review of MMRP RACR reports, UFP-QAPP reports, project summaries, and site plan drawings
  • Consulting projects including evaluation of environmental emissions discharged from large-scale industrial park facilities in the Kingdom of Thailand, pollution sampling and measurement training to state and private entities for the U.S. EPA, and development of field studies for sampling toxic air pollutions for the California Department of Health Services
  • Disaster recovery programs including monitoring radiation along school routes following the 2013 Japan Triple Disaster, organizing NGOs in Japan, and economic recovery programs in Louisiana
  • Successful advocacy projects include authorization for the first green construction program for the State of California, authorization for a satellite campus of a California state university, and preservation of sensitive environmental and cultural sites